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Unblock the Web with a VPN

You may have noticed that some website content is not accessible in your country or when you’re abroad. By using a VPN, you can gain access to these websites from anywhere in the world without compromising your security or privacy.

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Understanding Geo-Restrictions: Why Some Content Is Unavailable in Your Country

There are two main reasons why some content may not be accessible in your country or when you’re overseas. The practice of restricting access based on the region or country is also known as “geo-blocking”.

  • Access Regulation by Service Providers
  • Government Regulations

Access Regulation by Service Providers

There are two primary reasons why a site operator may restrict access.

  1. Terms and Conditions: These stipulations may specify the countries in which the content is allowed to be distributed and explicitly prevent its usage in other locations.
  2. Exclusive Rights: Someone may hold exclusive streaming rights to the content for a specific region. Alternatively, the rights for a certain region may not be up for sale, preventing the acquisition of such rights.

Government Regulations

Some countries have strong internet regulations. A notable example is China. It regulates access to some overseas internet services as a national policy, including social media platforms like Twitter and LINE, search engines like Google and Yahoo, and foreign video services such as YouTube and Netflix. In addition to China, countries with stringent internet censorship include Syria, Iran, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Cuba, and Vietnam.

Unblocking Geo-Blocked Content: How a VPN Works

VPNs solve the problem because of the following two features.

  • Concealing and Altering Your IP Address
  • Encrypting Communications:

Concealing and Altering Your IP Address

An IP address is a unique identifier for your device on the internet or a local network. It’s essential in determining the location and other details of website visitors and users of online services. For instance, if you’re attempting to access content exclusive to the US from outside the country, the US-specific content won’t be displayed. However, by accessing the site via VPN servers based in the US, you can view the US-oriented content.


By employing a VPN, the website will treat you as if you’re browsing from the US, regardless of your actual location.

IP address in the US

For more detailed about VPNs, please refer to the following articles.

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Encrypting Communications

Another crucial feature of VPNs is their ability to encrypt communication content, safeguarding your online privacy. Since the communication content is encrypted, governments won’t know which sites you’re visiting, making censorship impossible.

governments won't know which sites you're visiting

Of course, governments are aware that VPNs can be used to bypass streaming restrictions, and they sometimes regulate VPN usage as a result. However, the general situation is such that personal use of a VPN, as long as it doesn’t infringe upon government policies or lead to the mass dissemination of procured information, is implicitly allowed.

In the past, there have been cases in countries with strict censorship, like China, where certain VPN services were completely disabled. Therefore, if you’re residing in a country with stringent censorship, we recommend that you mitigate your risks by subscribing to two or more services simultaneously, just as a precaution.

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How to Unblock Websites from Anywhere with a VPN

To stream is quick 3 steps below.

How to Unblock Websites from Anywhere with a VPN:
  1. Register with a VPN service
  2. Download and Launch the App and Connect to a VPN Server
  3. Access Websites You Want to Watch

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Worldwide Content

Netflix Harry Potter MoviesNetflix Ghibli Movies
“Video unavailable” Videos on YouTubeViX

European Content


Australian Content

Stan SportSBS on Demand

Austrian Content


Belgian Content


Dutch Content

NPO Start

French Content


German Content

ZDFARD Mediathek

Ireland Content

RTÉ Player

Italian Content


Japanese Content

Japanese TV showsJapanese Anime
Japanese NetflixTVer

Korean Content

Korean Netflix

New Zealand Content


Spanish Content


UK Content


US Content

Meta AIAmerican Netflix
YouTube TVPeacock

Sport Content

F1 LiveFrench Open
Tour de FranceWimbledon
UEFA Champions LeagueMelbourne Cup

The Best VPN for Streaming

Here are some excellent VPN services we recommend.

Prices1-Month: $12.95
6-Months: $9.99/month
12-Months: $6.67/month
1-Month: $11.99
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24-Months: $3.99/month
1-Month: $12.95
12-Months: $3.99/month
24-Months: $2.39/month
Money-back Guarantee30 days30 days30 days
Maximum devices supported810Unlimited
Connection SpeedUltra FastFastFast
Kill Switch
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Kill Switch
Support24/7 Live Chat Support24/7 Live Chat Support24/7 Live Chat Support

ExpressVPN: Ultra-fast Internet Speeds

Top page of ExpressVPN
1-Month: $12.95
6-Months: $9.99/month
12-Months: $6.67/month
Money-back Guarantee30 days
Maximum devices supported8

ExpressVPN offers some of the fastest internet speeds among the VPNs we have used. All VPNs may slow down your internet connection, but ExpressVPN is one of the fastest, and you rarely notice the difference. Review sites consistently rank ExpressVPN as one of the fastest VPNs. Additionally, with over 3,000 servers in 105 countries, you have a wide choice of countries to change IP addresses to. Real humans are available 24-hour live chat support to help you with setup and troubleshooting. ExpressVPN also has a no-log policy.

After you’ve registered with ExpressVPN, you can use it to easily browse the internet just by downloading their app.

Ideal for those who:
  • Place a high importance on internet speed

\30 day Money-Back Guarantee/

NordVPN:  The Ultimate Balance of Price and Internet Speed

Top page of NordVPN
Prices (standard plan)1-Month: $11.99
12-Months: $4.99/month
24-Months: $3.99/month
Money-back Guarantee30 days
Maximum devices supported10

NordVPN’s excellent service, and balance of price, internet speed, servers, and countries, has allowed it to gain the greatest market share in the world. Overall, NordVPN consistently receives great reviews from leading experts. NordVPN has more than 5,800 servers in 60 countries, so you also have a lot of choices for which country to change your IP address to. You can et help and advice from our friendly customer support team through email or live chat for your 24/7. And NordVPN also has a no-log policy.

After you’ve registered, you can easily browse the internet using NordVPN just by downloading their app.

Ideal for those who:
  • Want to balance price and internet speed

\30 day Money-Back Guarantee/

Surfshark: Impressive Performance with a Lower Price

top page or surfsharkvpn
Prices (standard plan)1-Month: $12.95
12-Months: $3.99/month
24-Months: $2.39/month
Money-back Guarantee30 days
Maximum devices supportedUnlimited

Surfshark offers impressive performance with a lower price. You can get Surfshark much cheaper than other services if you apply for the 24-month plan. Furthermore, Surfshark has no connection limits. So, you and your family can connect and use all your devices simultaneously. Surfshark has more than 3,200 servers in 100 countries. Just like the other VPNs, you also have a lot of choices for which country to change your IP address to. Customer support experts are there for you 24/7, if you need a helping hand with them via live chat or email. And SurfsharkVPN also has a no-log policy.

After you’ve registered, you can easily browse the internet using Surfshark by downloading their app.

Ideal for those:
  • Who are budget conscious and want to want to connect with lots of devices

\30 day Money-Back Guarantee/

Other Benefit and Advantages of VPNs

The following list shows cases in which a VPN is especially useful other than unblocking websites:

  1. Protect Your Privacy: Using a VPN enhances your online privacy, especially on public Wi-Fi networks, which are often unsecured. It encrypts your internet traffic, shielding your online activities from prying eyes, whether they’re hackers, advertisers, or even internet service providers.
  2. Save big on Subscriptions: A VPN can help you secure lower prices on subscription services like YouTube Premium, Netflix, Spotify, and others. By connecting to servers in different countries, you can explore various pricing tiers, often finding lower rates than those available in your home country.
  3. Unblock Gaming Opportunities: Gain access to games and servers not available in your region, experience earlier game releases, and enjoy enhanced multiplayer matchups with players around the world.

For more detailed about VPNs use cases, please refer to the following articles.

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Is it legal to use a VPN?

Yes, it’s generally legal to use a VPN in most countries. However, the legality can vary depending on your location and the specific regulations of your country. Always ensure you’re compliant with local laws when trading cryptocurrencies.

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Should I use a paid or free VPN?

We recommend opting for paid VPN services for better privacy and security. Free VPNs may not provide clear information on how they manage log traffic data, and there’s a higher chance they might track your data. Paid VPNs typically offer superior performance, more features, and enhanced security.

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN: Making the Right Choice for Your Security Free VPNs, as the name suggests, offer VPN services at no cost. However, these free services often come with a catch. They tend to offer lower levels of priv...

Are there any other methods to bypass regional restrictions besides using a VPN?

Besides VPNs, there are other methods to bypass geo-blocking, including proxy servers, Tor browsers, and smart DNS/DNS changers. However, for individual users aiming to overcome geo-blocking, we recommend using a VPN as it’s the most straightforward method.

Four Ways to Unblock Websites Which are not Available in Your Country There are four methods to unblock websites: using a VPN, a proxy server, the Tor browser, and Smart DNS. However, the simplest option is often a VPN. In this...
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