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Privacy Policy


Welcome to VPN Life’s Privacy Policy. This document outlines our commitment to protecting and appropriately handling the personal information of our users on our website, “VPN Life”. We value your privacy and strive to be transparent about the data we collect, use, and disclose.

Advertisement Data

We transmit user access information to external companies to measure the effectiveness of performance-based advertisements. This information is not personally identifiable and is used solely for this purpose and will not be utilized for any other objectives.

Information Transmitted:
  • Date and time of display and clicks on paid advertisements
  • Cookie information necessary to measure advertisement performance
  • IP addresses and Internet terminal type and browser used at the time of display or click of the advertisement

The purpose of transmitting this information is to measure the effectiveness of performance-based advertising and to prevent fraudulent activities related to advertising.

Usage of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web analytics tool provided by Google, to analyze user interactions, such as the number of accesses, time spent on each page, user demographics, incoming routes, and search terms.

Information Collected:
  • Identifiers like cookies to identify users
  • Information such as the viewed URL or site title and the time of the visit
  • Usage environment information, including browser, OS, device type, screen size, and IP address

To opt-out of Google Analytics data collection, please adjust your browser settings accordingly. For more information on Google’s privacy practices, please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy.

Comments Policy

IP addresses used for comments are recorded to combat spam and vandalism. This is a standard feature, and the collected IP addresses are not used for any other purposes. All comments are subject to administrator review and approval, and we reserve the right to reject or delete comments that are defamatory, obscene, involve prohibited items, or are otherwise deemed inappropriate.

Links and Copyrights

This site is generally link-free, and no special permission is required to link to our content. However, inline frames or direct links to images are discouraged. Unauthorized reproduction of our content is prohibited, but quotations are allowed if the source is clearly indicated.

If any content is found to infringe on copyrights or portrait rights, please contact us immediately using the Contact Us form, and we will respond promptly.


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us at VPN Life, and we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our users by adhering to privacy best practices. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.